How to Hit 3-Pointers Like a Pro in NBA 2K24

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Are you tired of missing those crucial three-point shots in NBA 2K24? Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting out, sinking those long-range shots can be quite a challenge. But fear not, because in this guide, we’re going to break down the art of hitting 3-pointers in NBA 2K24. Get ready to up your game and become a scoring machine from beyond the arc!

Mastering the Art of Shooting

When it comes to 3-pointers in NBA 2K24, mastering the shooting mechanics is the key. The right timing and precision are essential to consistently nailing those long shots. Here’s a breakdown of the steps to help you hit 3-pointers like a pro:

  1. Stance and Balance: Just like in real basketball, your player’s stance matters. Make sure your player is well-balanced and not moving too fast before attempting a shot. This ensures better accuracy.
  2. Aim and Timing: Pay close attention to the shot meter. As you release the ball, try to hit the marked sweet spot on the meter for optimal accuracy. Remember, the timing varies between different player animations, so practice is crucial.
  3. Shot Types: NBA 2K24 offers various shot types, including jump shots and step-backs. Experiment with different shot types to find what works best for you. Step-backs can create extra space between you and the defender, making the shot easier.
  4. Know Your Player: Different players have varying shooting attributes. Some are sharpshooters with higher 3-point ratings, while others excel at mid-range shots. Utilize your player’s strengths for better results.
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Understanding the Mechanics

To truly excel at hitting 3-pointers, you need to understand the mechanics behind the shots. NBA 2K24 strives for realism, so the shooting mechanics closely resemble those in actual basketball. Here’s how it all works:

  • Shooting Stick or Button: NBA 2K24 offers two primary shooting methods – the Shooting Stick and the Shoot Button. The Shooting Stick provides more control, allowing you to aim the shot precisely. On the other hand, the Shoot Button offers simplicity, making it great for beginners.
  • Shot Meter: The shot meter is your best friend. It appears near your player and indicates the optimal release point for your shot. To hit a perfect shot, release the ball when the meter’s marker reaches the center.
  • Contested Shots: Just like in real basketball, contested shots are tougher to make. If a defender is in your face, your chances of sinking the shot decrease significantly. It’s often wiser to pass the ball to an open teammate or dribble to find a better shot opportunity.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Hitting 3-pointers consistently requires practice. Head to the practice mode and focus solely on your shooting. Repetition will help you internalize the timing and mechanics.

Strategies for Success

Hitting 3-pointers isn’t just about mechanics; it’s also about strategy. Here are some tips to enhance your chances of success:

  1. Spacing: Proper spacing on the court is crucial. Make sure your teammates are positioned well so that the defense can’t double-team you easily, leaving you open for a shot.
  2. Off-Ball Movement: Don’t just stand still waiting for the ball. Use off-ball movements to create open passing lanes. Running around screens or cutting to the basket can confuse defenders and create open shots.
  3. Pick and Roll: Utilize the pick and roll play to your advantage. When a teammate sets a screen for you, it can create space as the defender gets caught on the screen. This can lead to an open shot opportunity.
  4. Reading the Defense: Pay attention to how the defense is playing you. If they’re giving you space, take the shot. If they’re crowding you, consider passing to an open teammate or using a dribble move to create separation.

In-Game Challenges and Practice

To truly become a 3-point shooting sensation in NBA 2K24, you need to take your skills to the game itself. Here’s how to do that:

  • Play MyCareer: MyCareer mode allows you to create a player and take them through a career in the NBA. This mode is an excellent opportunity to practice your 3-point shooting in realistic game scenarios.
  • Participate in Challenges: NBA 2K24 often features challenges and events that focus on specific skills, including 3-point shooting. These challenges provide a focused environment to hone your skills and earn rewards.
  • Friendly Matches: Play against friends or other players online in friendly matches. Friendly matches allow you to test your skills against real opponents without the pressure of a competitive ranking.


Hitting 3-pointers in NBA 2K24 is a skill that requires a combination of shooting mechanics, strategy, and practice. By mastering the shooting mechanics, understanding the game’s nuances, and implementing smart strategies, you can consistently sink those long-range shots and become a force to be reckoned with on the virtual court.


1. Q: What’s the best shooting method in NBA 2K24? A: Both the Shooting Stick and the Shoot Button are effective, but the Shooting Stick offers more control for precise aiming.

2. Q: How do I time my shots correctly? A: Watch the shot meter closely and release the ball when the marker reaches the center of the meter.

3. Q: Can I hit contested 3-pointers? A: While it’s possible, contested shots are more difficult. It’s often better to find an open teammate or create better shot opportunities.

4. Q: Are certain players better at 3-point shooting? A: Yes, different players have varying shooting attributes. Look for players with high 3-point ratings for better shooting performance.

5. Q: Is practicing in the game’s practice mode helpful? A: Absolutely, practice mode allows you to focus solely on your shooting mechanics and timing.

6. Q: How do off-ball movements help my 3-point game? A: Off-ball movements create open passing lanes and confuse defenders, giving you better shot opportunities.

7. Q: What is the pick and roll strategy? A: The pick and roll involves a teammate setting a screen for you, creating space as the defender gets caught on the screen, potentially leading to an open shot.

8. Q: Can I improve my 3-point skills by playing MyCareer? A: Yes, MyCareer mode lets you practice your skills in realistic game scenarios, contributing to overall improvement.

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